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Eveline Gerritsen

Being Square at the Burn: An adventure with an Instax – Fujifilm South Africa

AfrikaBurn is a seven-day festival where art, music, and self-expression collide into one unforgettable experience. In my backpack, I was carrying the Fujifilm Instax square Link portable printer, an amazing instant printer that I brought along for the ride. I believe the Instax square Link is a game-changer in the world of phone photography and instant printing. Afrikaburn is already heaven for photographers because everywhere you go you see breathtaking art pieces or someone walking around in a beautiful outfit. During the night, the desert turns into a completely different world, with extraordinary light installations and art cars with the best sound systems.

The festival is all about self-reliance and a gift community, which is incredible for me as a creative person who carries around a very compact portable printer. So, my mission was to create stunning little physical photos that I could hand out as a gift to people that I met during the festival.  I wrote a review about the Instax square Link printer, for Fujifilm South Africa while I was at Afrikaburn. Read the full article here.

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