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The Beirut Story

Over 250.000 homeless and in need of food, clothes and medecine after the explosion.

This is my story. I arrived in Beirut 6 weeks after the blast and created a photo documentary about the live in a destroyed city.

 – Nightingales of Beirut –

Eveline Gerritsen arrived for the first time in Beirut in 2010, as a media student. She had the opportunity to work together with students of the Lebanese International University (LIU). There she met Rawad Kansoun, one of the students in the project.

Ten years later they meet again. This time around they decided to work together and capture the essence of the devastation that took place on August, 4th 2020 through photography. The photo documentary Nightingales of Beirut gives the viewer an inside in the life of people who live in the destroyed city of Beirut.

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After the Blast, Musicians in Beirut Face an Uncertain Future

“Nightingales of Beirut” from the streets of Mar Mikhael to Amsterdam

About Eveline

I am a portrait photographer, based in Cape Town.  I travel the world as an independent photographer and journalist. I try to capture stories that represents a social issue, this way I am participating in social activism.

Last month I went to Beirut to capture the essence of life, six weeks, after the devastation blast that took place on August 4th, 2020. I am a storyteller and I feel it is my mission to give the viewer a raw first-hand experience through the lens of my camera. I hope to educate and inspire others, so that we can make a difference in this world.

Eveline Gerritsen - photographer

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