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Eveline Gerritsen

Bazique Festival

“Music and Art are the guiding lights of the world” – Pablo Picasso

That I was going to Afrikaburn this year was for sure. However, as a preparation for this festival I went for a few days to Bazique Festival. As the poster said “Music, Art and Absurdism”. And “oh boy” that was so true.

Entering the festival at night we were welcomed by some happy faces who were so kind to help me set up my tent. Yes.. I suck at that and lucky me these boys fixed it in 10 minutes. The Firsky Disco area was my domain and everybody looked so amazing in their outfits. Especially on Friday night everybody was dressed up and it felt like everybody wanted to get to know each other.

Everywhere you looked you could find a nice piece of art. Noo.. I am not talking about the fine boys walking around. The venue looked really nice and the dj’s were playing fine tunes. Check out some of the video’s that I made during the festival.

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