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Eveline Gerritsen

Teach for Change

” A ounce of practice is worth more than a ton of preaching ” – Gandi

While I was living in Bangalore, I decided that I wanted to continue my humanitarian photography. So I emailed a couple of NGO’s and one of them that replied was Teach for Change. They asked me if I wanted to fly to Hyderabad to document the different projects that they have running on government schools around the city.

Did I had to think about this opportunity for one minute? Nope not at all! I was so happy that I could visit them and after a couple of weeks the day finally arrived that I landed in Hyderabad. On the airport I met my new best friend Dileep from Teach for Change and that night we went out to have the famous Briyani.

Next day we went to different schools that were part of the Teach for Change program. I could see the audio room, I met the volunteers and I had a look in the English books that Teach for Change provides for the schools. According to them it is very important for the children in India to learn English so that they can find a good job after high school.

I spent 4 days in Hyderabad and I enjoyed every minute. We played famous Dutch songs in the car, we visit 7 different schools, I learned some Hindi words and we got invited to have tea with one of the famous female Volleybal players of the city. Oh and Dileep made sure that I had enough to eat!

Thank you so much Teach for Change! I consider this as one of the best experiences that I had during my journey in India.