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Eveline Gerritsen

Street Portraits of Bangalore

“I am a stranger, learning to love the strangers around me” – June JordanĀ 

Going to Bangalore for a couple of months was pretty exciting and the first few days I felt like an alien in a new world. Everything was different and I can say that I had a culture shock.

I am a huge fan of the website called MeetUp because it is an easy and fun way to connect with locals in the new city that you are in. So on my second day in Bangalore I opened the website to see what they had to offer. Lucky me, they were offering a photography walking tour on Saturday morning. So I signed up for it.

The goal of the tour was to make as many portraits as you could and afterwards we would discuss our work. It was a really fun experience to communicate with hand signs with the people on the streets. (no not everybody in India speaks English. Oeps, my mistake to assume that)

This lady above was such an happy spirit and even though we could not communicate with each other in words she and I both knew what kind of shot we wanted to take. She was really happy to see the results and I could see that she was proud of herself. I really love her beauty and her sparkling eyes. This is one of my favorite images that I took during the tour.

Interested in more shots? Check out my instagram: @effiegerritsen

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