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732/21 Second Street, Manchester,
King Street, Kingston United Kingdom


Eveline Gerritsen

Iconic Black

“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them”

Going to Cape Town to work on my portfolio as a photographer was scary at some time. Where to start? How do I get connections? Where do I find my models? One thing I have learned on this trip is that as long as you have an open vision towards the world and you don’t stress the answers to these questions will come.

So while partying at Bazique Festival I run into this talented guy called Imraan. He had a pretty dope tattoo on his arm of Basquiat’s crown and so I started a conversation with him. After the festival we stayed in touch and he introduced me to his friend Issa. Who is the owner of the brand Iconic Black.  Ching ching, that is a great opportunity.

So before I knew it we were setting a date to do a shoot for Iconic Black. It was a lovely afternoon at Franky’s Diner. Thanks to Issa I have a nice video of this shoot together with Imraan. Check it out!

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